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Kids Programs
Raising a Champion in Life
Teaching our kids the 7 Qualities of Black Belt Character
At Bob Aldis’ Bushido Martial Arts we teach the kids a Japanese style of karate called Bodai Shindo Ryu. The skills that we teach our youth is not a violent poke them in the eyes; punch them in the throat type of system. But it actually gives them the skills necessary to defend themselves. More importantly when your child gains confidence through physical competence, they will stand a little straighter, develop good eye contact and speak with conviction. Our training also teaches kids to be more aware of their surroundings, how to spot a potential bad person, and what to do about it through non-violent conflict resolution. These new skills and the confident body language will make them a Tough Target for potential bullies and bad guys. It will send a message that number one, I am a nice person and number two, I am a person that’s not going to be pushed around. To us that’s the best level of protection. In my 36 years of martial arts practice I have never had to physically defend myself. I don’t want my children or my students to ever have to use it either, but if the situation arises, I want them to be prepared. I have never met a parent who wants their child to fight. But, I have also never met a parent who wants their child to lose, if they are forced to defend themselves. Ultimately we teach our kids to fight, so that they don’t have to fight.

Using Karate for enhancing our Physical Fitness
At Bob Aldis’ Bushido Martial Arts we spend a lot of time with our 4-12 year old students developing their flexibility, hand-eye-foot coordination, cardio-vascular endurance, upper body-lower body strength, core strength, body balance and how to generate power and speed through shifting the body. The same skills that are often required to play soccer, baseball and football for example, but often are not taught very effectively, most of the time it’s just kind of expected of them. By focusing on these basics it not only prepares them to be exceptional black belts in the martial arts, it helps to instill the importance of good physical health and it sends them back to the ball fields and gym class more capable and more relaxed. Parents often tell us that their children are more prepared when they walk on the field and in the class room both physically and mentally.

Character Development through our Karate Training
This third area is the real reason to be here. It is what parents seem to like best about our program. It’s what causes people to talk about our program in the community and causes them to recommend their friends and family.

It’s the way we teach our 7 Qualities of Black Belt Character. We’re talking about teaching your child the importance of taking PRIDE in their work, to show pride toward their family, and a sense of pride in their self for their accomplishments. It’s about teaching them to take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions and for achieving their goals, and to do what is expected of them without being told. We help them to be a person of INTEGRITY, to keep their word and do the right thing when they are faced with a difficult situation or decision to make, and develop a no quit - go for it attitude through DETERMINATION and perseverance. It’s about teaching them that the amount of EFFORT you put into something will directly affect what you can expect to get back out of it. It’s about teaching them to HONOR their commitments, their parents, and teachers through obedience. An honorable person does the right thing even when no one is watching. It’s about learning the importance of showing RESPECT and courtesy toward their parents, family, friends, people of authority, and why they need to have self-respect.

On top of that it’s the listening skills, good manners, and self-discipline, the ability to focus and concentrate and not be distracted, how to get along with other people and develop the self-control to not give in to impulsive behaviors, and give them the courage to step out of their comfort zones.

But what is uniquely powerful about our program is that they are actually experiencing these skills during their training at our dojo. We create situations for them and then coach them on how to best apply these character skills both in the martial arts and outside in their personal lives at home and at school. It simply empowers their self-image and over time becomes a permanent part of who they are. These are skills that they will need to develop and use every day to become a successful well-balanced person.

What really makes it work and all come together is that it’s just a lot of fun, the classes are challenging and exciting, and the teachers are really supportive and nice too.

Check out our class schedule and video of one of our kids' classes now. With your permission we'll also email you some additional info about our kids' program and a $50 off coupon!
Adult Programs
Bushido Martial Arts For Adults
Live A Healthy, Stress Free, Confident Lifestyle!
​Martial Arts are AWESOME for teens and adults and here’s why. It’s a tough world out there for young men and women and adults too.
 There’s a lot of stress and challenges to deal with on a day to day basis such as the day to day pressure to keep up and fit in and be accepted. The confusion about what is right and wrong in the world, and insecurity about the future. Everyone is working hard to achieve their goals in life. They are just trying to find balance in their life and make sense of it all. For many something just seems to be missing. They have worked hard in their life to be successful, but have neglected or even forgotten to work on themselves. For many people our martial arts training is the answer. There are 3 components that make up the training at Bob Aldis’ Bushido Martial Arts.

The First Component is Self-Defense
At Bob Aldis’ Bushido Martial Arts we teach a traditional martial arts style called Bodai Shindo Ryu. It consists of three martial arts styles, Karate, Aikido and Iaido (Japense Swordsmanship).

Even though our world seems to be getting more volatile, the truth of the matter is. If you are living well, training and preparing properly, and being pro-active in your personal safety, you probably won’t ever need to defend yourself.

Our teaching and training philosophy helps you develop and use the mental skills of awareness and non-conflict resolution first so that you don’t have to fight. But we also train you so that if one day, that physical confrontation comes, you are prepared to protect yourself and your family. When you are empowered with the physical skills to protect yourself, your confident body language will send a message that number one, you are a nice person, and number two I am a person that’s not going to be pushed around. You will be perceived as a tough target by people who may wish to do you harm or take advantage of you.

More importantly when you gain confidence through physical competence, you will stand a little straighter, develop strong eye contact and speak with conviction. Our training also teaches how to be more aware of your surroundings, how to spot a potential bad person, and what to do about it through avoidance or non-violent conflict resolution. To us that’s the best level of protection.

In more than 37years of martial arts practice I have never had to physically defend myself. But I have used the mental skills developed through martial arts training on a daily basis. It’s interesting, that when you know how to defend yourself, you just feel better about yourself too. “You may not want to have to fight but you need to be prepared, because you may not get a second chance.” Visit our martial arts style page to see which art would be the best fit for you.

The Second Component is Physical Fitness
There’s a lot of things you can do out there to develop muscular strength and stamina. Our martial arts training program does those things too. But our training program will also improve those often overlooked and neglected areas of flexibility, reflexes, focus, timing and coordination which is incorporated in our Karate teachings.
The training is perfect for everyone regardless of your fitness level. In most fitness programs, people start out to fast and quickly burn themselves out. We start our students out at a slower pace and then gradually increase the intensity of the training as they progress through the belt ranks. That’s why we have students who have been training with us 15 to 26 years now. Have you ever heard of anyone being a member of a gym for that amount of time?

The Bob Aldis’ Bushido Martial Arts fitness program is designed to help you gradually get into great shape with minimal risk of injury, improve your mental clarity, and achieve better health to avoid sickness and still have some energy left to do the other things you enjoy at the end of the day.

The Third Component Is Lifestyle
The third component of the Bob Aldis Bushido Martial Arts program is what I call the Lifestyle and Character Component. This is the part that most people say they like and benefit the most from training at our dojo. These are the personal development skills that are necessary for each and every one of us regardless of our age.

What makes what we do very unique is that there is not a lot of places you can go to get this type of training. The same life skills we want our kids to learn are just as important for adults to learn.

Such as:
  • ​Skills that teach a sense of personal responsibility for what we want to achieve in life and a high level of self-discipline to achieve them.
  •  Skills that teach the importance of conducting your personal and business life with a sense of honor and integrity.
  •  Skills that empower you to relate and get along with other people.
  •  Skills that teach you how to maintain a positive attitude and stay determined and persevere through life’s challenges.
  •  Skills that support and help you move safely out of your comfort zone.
  •  Skills that teach you how to deal with stressful situations.
Ultimately these are the most important skills you can learn from training with us at Bob Aldis’ Bushido Martial Arts. They are the skills you can take into the real world and use each and every day to better yourself personally, and professionally. Not only will become a black belt in the martial arts but a black belt in life as well.

As a side benefit if you like what you hear and decide to come train with us, you’re going to be training and hanging out with a great group of people who also enjoy all of the healthy, positive benefits of training at Bob Aldis’ Bushido Martial Arts.
Check out our class schedule and video of one of our adult classes now. With your permission we'll also email you some additional info about our adult program and a $50 off coupon!
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